Mrs Lady of the Year Middle East

Mrs Lady of the Year Middle East

Jun 27, 2023

“Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East”

“Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East” award ceremony, a prestigious event that celebrates the achievements of exceptional women entrepreneurs. The conference shed light on the event’s objectives and revealed key details, including the dates and location.

Veronika Huseynli Ahmed, the esteemed founder of the renowned international events organizing company ‘Mrs. Beauty,’ took center stage as the driving force behind “Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East” and the chief organizer of the event. With great enthusiasm, Veronika unveiled that the event is scheduled to take place on July 8, 2023, in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The collaboration between Veronika Huseynli Ahmed and Hanif Shaikh, a seasoned veteran in the fashion and event industry and the Chairman of the Emirates Holding group, adds an extra layer of expertise and prestige to “Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East.” Together, they aim to establish this event as a hallmark of women’s empowerment, propelling Dubai to the forefront of beauty and fashion industries. Hanif Shaikh expressed his commitment to this vision, saying, “We fully align ourselves with the visionary leaders of the UAE, and we aspire to make Dubai the epitome of beauty and fashion. This event, along with our collective efforts, serves as a shining example of women’s empowerment.”

Veronika Huseynli Ahmed highlighted the significance of “Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East” as a transformative platform for recognizing women who have excelled in business and awarding them for their excellence and eminence. She emphasized that the event offers a unique opportunity for women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, with advertising support for participating companies continuing throughout the year. Established 25 years ago in Bulgaria, the annual “Mrs. Lady of the Year” event has garnered international recognition and collaborates with renowned publications, including Forbes magazine and other influential business media outlets. Veronika proudly acknowledged the event’s founder, Megi Savova, an illustrious organizer associated with Mrs. Universe Ltd.

Looking ahead, Veronika shared her plans for the upcoming months, announcing the organization of the “Man of the Universe” competition for men in the second half of the year, alongside the highly anticipated “Woman of the Universe – Global” event.

Natali Kortes, a respected host and organizer of international events, and a key member of the organizing team, invited women entrepreneurs from around the world to participate in “Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East.” Natali affirmed that registration is now open for those who wish to showcase their businesses and make a global impact.

During the conference, Raghida Akoury, the brand manager and organizer, delivered an inspiring speech in Arabic, connecting with the Arabic audience and emphasizing the various sponsorship opportunities available for corporations, businesses, and brands. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the official Instagram page of “Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East” to explore collaboration possibilities.

As “Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East” continues to generate excitement and anticipation, it promises to be a remarkable event celebrating women entrepreneurs, empowering business excellence, and fostering a supportive environment for aspiring leaders.

The prestigious “Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East” awards are coming to Dubai, honoring the achievements of strong, independent women. Join us for this extraordinary business competition that empowers and celebrates women’s success. Save the date: July 8th. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of history and inspire each other to reach new heights.

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