Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority showcases Al Mersad at the 1st Regional Great Audit Minds (GAM) Conference
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Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority showcases Al Mersad at the 1st Regional Great Audit Minds (GAM) Conference

Nov 8, 2023

The A.I. powered integrated data system is being presented during the “An Eye on the Resources & Eye on the Future” session

Abu Dhabi, UAE, Nov 6, 2023: As the 1st Regional Great Audit Minds (GAM) Conference unfolds at the Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island from November 6 to 8, the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) proudly showcases its latest stride in audit innovation – “Al Mersad,” the world’s first A.I.-powered integrated data system auditing platform. The presentation forms a two-part session under the forward-looking theme, “An Eye on Resources & Eye on the Future,” emphasizing the twin pillars of resource preservation and proactive governance.

The first segment of the session will be a comprehensive introduction to “Al Mersad,” detailing its revolutionary role in the digital transformation of auditing practices. A spokesperson for the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, commented on the platform’s significance: “By harnessing A.I., ‘Al Mersad’ dramatically reduces the time taken to complete audits with unparalleled precision. This platform is not merely about efficiency; it’s about predictive governance and ethical oversight, underpinning our commitment to sustainable stewardship of resources for future generations.”

Following the reveal of “Al Mersad,” the session will also pivot to a workshop led by specialists from the Authority, where they will delve into the regulatory laws that have played an effective role in improving audit quality in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In addition to discussing the methods used to enhance audit quality, the workshop will highlight the pioneering achievements made so far and affirm the need for ongoing dedication to excellence in this field.

ADAA’s participation in the GAM Conference demonstrates its ongoing commitment to fostering strategic partnerships and advancing auditing practices to safeguard public funds and ensure the responsible management of the Abu Dhabi’s wealth and resources.

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