AGDA Elevates Global Collaboration through Key MoUs in Academics and Research
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AGDA Elevates Global Collaboration through Key MoUs in Academics and Research

Dec 6, 2023

Abu Dhabi, 30  November 2023: Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA), a globally recognised diplomatic centre of excellence in Abu Dhabi, is reinforcing its international standing as a global hub of diplomatic excellence through strategic partnerships. The Academy recently signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with esteemed institutions, the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS) and Sciences Po in France.

This strategic collaboration marks a pivotal milestone for AGDA, as it aims to foster a vibrant exchange of knowledge and expertise across diverse domains, such as study, research, academics, education, and training activities. The MoUs underscore a commitment to mutual growth, with a focus on sharing insights, research papers, and studies in relevant fields. Furthermore, the agreements pave the way for exploring synergies in coordinating and executing training programmes, initiatives, and events.

AGDA’s dedication to excellence is exemplified by the concerted effort to exchange organisational expertise within various projects. The collaborative spirit extends beyond the paperwork, as the involved parties will engage in reciprocal benefits by organising meaningful meetings, visits, and seminars on topics of shared interest. These strategic initiatives exemplify AGDA’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding. They provide students with exposure to a variety of perspectives and approaches to diplomacy, preparing them to navigate the complexities of the international landscape.

As AGDA continues to strengthen its global presence, these strategic partnerships serve as a testament to its role as a catalyst for international collaboration and knowledge exchange. The Academy’s forward-thinking approach underscores its pivotal role in shaping the future of diplomatic relations, transcending boundaries, and contributing to a more interconnected and harmonious global landscape.

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