Culinary Capital Unleashed: Sapaad and FlapKap Join Forces to Solve Restaurant Working Capital Needs in the UAE
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Culinary Capital Unleashed: Sapaad and FlapKap Join Forces to Solve Restaurant Working Capital Needs in the UAE

Mar 6, 2024

27th February 2024, Dubai: Feb 2024 – Sapaad, a comprehensive restaurant management solution provider, announced a strategic partnership with MENA based FlapKap, an innovative and insightful financing platform.

The collaboration between the two firms aims to support new and existing Sapaad users, restaurateurs, and small and medium-sized restaurant businesses (SMEs) based in the UAE to obtain a fast and flexible funding offer within 48 hours.

SMEs are key players in the global landscape, especially in fast-paced economic hubs like the Emirates. Because twice as many young residents in the GCC dine out now compared to five years ago, the restaurant industry is a lucrative and high-potential sector for entrepreneurs wanting to launch their next big idea. In fact, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce forecasts the UAE restaurant market is expected to grow annually by 4.89% (CAGR 2024-2028), with diverse cuisines, unique dining experiences, and innovative concepts leading the way for the growth of the SME sector. However, trying to secure working capital to run an eatery is still proving to be a long, intimidating, and tedious process.

In the current restaurant landscape, Sapaad serves as a pivotal solution to effectively run and grow your restaurant business within the industry. Sapaad, a leading restaurant management platform, specializes in streamlining restaurant operations and powering up online business. Offering a robust suite of world-class software experiences, Sapaad enables restaurant establishments to have greater control and visibility over all aspects of their business, like sales trends or staff performance. Additionally, Sapaad’s collaboration with FlapKap extends beyond restaurant management, empowering SME restaurant businesses in the UAE with innovative funding solutions. Through the FlapKap app, restaurant owners can seamlessly access working capital funding, addressing critical needs such as inventory purchasing, small capex expenditures, renovations and uplift, and even paying rent.

Ahmad Coucha, FlapKap’s Co-Founder and CEO added: “Our partnership with Sapaad will add tremendous value to the restaurant ecosystem. It’s the first time in the region that a best-in-class Restaurant Management Solutions provider and an innovative Revenue-Based-Funding solution have come together. FlapKap and Sapaad share a similar agenda to impact the SME and Restaurant segments, empowering them with data-driven growth opportunities. With the FlapKap solutions being added as an offering for Sapaad users, restaurant owners can now unlock larger value creation by means of increased inventory purchasing power, marketing optimization, and regional expansion. I am extremely excited about this partnership, and we will certainly be evolving this further continuously to bring growth to our valued restaurants.”

Vishnu Vardhan, Sapaad’s Co-Founder and CEO added: “Our partnership with FlapKap marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower restaurants across the region. By integrating Sapaad’s cutting-edge, world-leading POS technology with FlapKap’s innovative funding solutions, we’re revolutionizing how restaurants manage their operations and access capital. Together, we’re streamlining processes, driving efficiency, and fueling growth in the region’s F&B industry. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers, ensuring their success in an increasingly competitive market landscape.”

About Sapaad

Sapaad is a cloud-based Point-of-sale and delivery management system for restaurants. It allows owners to have greater control and visibility over all aspects of their business, like sales trends or staff performance. The platform is scalable to suit the needs of small cafes and multi-chain restaurants, whether online or dine-in. It takes care of the entire setup, from sign-up to taking orders. This cloud-based system eliminates the need for expensive servers or IT contracts. The Offline Mode uses the latest web technologies to keep restaurants functioning even without the internet.

Sapaad is compatible with all devices, so owners don’t need to invest in proprietary hardware. Restaurant owners can manage their back-office and inventory through features like recipe management, food costing, and inventory reporting. They can also control their CRM and Home Deliveries by boosting customer engagement, providing delivery assistants, simplifying phone orders, and easily tracking deliveries.

Some useful features include a kitchen display system, integration with 3rd party partners, and food ordering platforms. Sapaad integrates with leading online food delivery partners, including GrabFood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Zomato, Talabat, Uber Eats, and Logistics/Delivery Partner Lalamove, Quiqup, Lyve, and more.

For more information about Sapaad and its offerings, visit

About FlapKap

FlapKap is MENA’s leading Revenue Based Funding (RBF) fintech solution that has been founded by Ahmad Coucha and Khaled Nassef in 2022.

Born in Cairo, Egypt but now headquartered in the UAE, the young powerhouse has spread rapidly to the larger MENA region and established exponential growth with its innovative tech solution for funding consumer facing SME businesses.

FlapKap unlocks growth potential in SMEs by providing Funding for working capital and combining it with their innovative tech. FlapKap provides funding that is extremely Fast, Flexible and Friendly.

The solution is tailored for SME businesses that are able to sign up on the FlapKap app by simply connecting their platforms and uploading minimal documents to get a funding offer in 48 hours. For more information about FlapKap and its offerings, visit

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