4 Products to Swap This World Environment Day with Ecobee

4 Products to Swap This World Environment Day with Ecobee

May 28, 2024

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – This World Environment Day, June 5, make a meaningful impact by swapping out everyday items for eco-friendly alternatives from Ecobee, a homegrown brand dedicated to sustainable living. Since its inception in June 2022, Ecobee has been on a mission to provide high-quality, zero-waste products that support a greener future for both individuals and businesses.

1. Swap Plastic Wrap for Eco Honeycomb Wraps

Upgrade your packaging with Ecobee’s Eco Wraps. These wraps feature a unique honeycomb cushioning technology that provides an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic and bubble wrap. Ideal for e-commerce, florists, and other industries, Eco Wraps enhance sustainability while offering space and cost savings. Starting at AED 35, with bulk discounts available.

2. Swap Regular Stationery for Eco Eco Plantable Stationery

Ideas Grow - stacked 3.png

Replace traditional paper products with Ecobee’s plantable stationery range. Made from recycled and seed paper, this collection includes notebooks, pens, calendars, and business cards that can grow into flowers, veggies, and herbs once used. Perfect for homes, schools, and offices, this eco-friendly swap supports conservation efforts. Prices start at AED 9, with volume discounts for bulk orders.

3. Swap Plastic Pet Waste Bags for Compostable Pet Poop Bags

Pet Bag - Main 1.jpg

Make pet care more sustainable with Ecobee’s 100% compostable pet waste bags. Made from corn starch, these bags decompose within 90-180 days, offering a leak-proof and eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic bags. Prices start at AED 29, with bulk discounts available.

4. Swap Standard Copier Paper for Recycled A4 Copier Paper

A4 Recycled Paper (1).jpg

Transition to Ecobee’s recycled A4 copier paper for your printing needs. This paper is made without cutting trees or using harmful bleaching chemicals, saving approximately 23.5 litres of water per ream. Suitable for all inkjet and laser printers, it ensures 99% jam-free performance. Pricing is available upon request for bulk orders.

Embrace Sustainability with Ecobee

In addition to these swaps, Ecobee offers a wide range of other eco-friendly products, including bags made from cotton, jute, canvas, and recycled plastic, as well as eco-gifting items made from bamboo, cork, and wheat fibre. These products are available for purchase on Ecobee’s website (www.ecobee.ae) and select online platforms like Instashop, Noon, and Amazon.ae.

About Richa Bansal, Founder of Ecobee and Impactpreneur

Richa Bansal, the founder of Ecobee, brings over 20 years of consulting and research expertise to her mission of making sustainability accessible. Since launching Ecobee in 2022, she has led the company in offering practical, eco-friendly solutions that inspire individuals and businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Notable clients include Carrefour and the Al Ghurair Group. Richa emphasizes partnerships, working closely with organizations to integrate sustainable practices. 

As an adventurous family, Richa and her loved ones often plan treks and overnight camps. Over the last ten years, she has been deeply impacted by the pollution and climate change effects she witnessed during these trips. Despite her extensive career in the services sector, Richa was driven to start a business that positively impacts the Earth, aiming to change mindsets and encourage businesses to take responsibility for the planet’s future.

Recognizing global challenges like the 8 million tons of plastic polluting our oceans annually and rising greenhouse gas emissions, Richa believes we need immediate action. While awareness is growing, sustainable solutions must be easier to implement. This is where Ecobee steps in. Richa believes small changes in everyday product choices can significantly impact. Ecobee’s mission is to empower consumers and corporations to make these changes by providing eco-friendly alternatives for everyday products and packaging, making sustainability accessible and convenient.

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