Cultural Carwaan brought the Urdu festival 2023 in Abu Dhabi
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Cultural Carwaan brought the Urdu festival 2023 in Abu Dhabi

Sep 1, 2023

Cultural Carwaan brought the Urdu festival 2023 to Abu Dhabi & showcased various aspects of Urdu culture, literature, music and poetry, as performances of traditional Urdu Ghazals & Qawwali night at Erth Hotel (Armed Forces Officers Club) on 26th August 2023

Cultural Carwaan brought the Urdu festival 2023 in Abu Dhabi

The event featured a mesmerizing display of 11 segments, each showcasing a different aspect of the rich Urdu culture. It brought together 40 talented artists who guided the attendees on an extraordinary journey through the diverse and fascinating world of Urdu.

The event kicked off with a segment of “Bachchon ki urdu Duniya”  which was impressive to witness the talent and creativity of young individuals. Urdu is a beautiful language that holds a lot of cultural significance, and it’s wonderful to see it being celebrated through these performances. The super-talented kids expressed their love for Urdu by presenting it in the form of stories, poetry and stage performances and then we had an inauguration ceremony by Dr. Sabahat Asim Wasi.

Cultural Carwaan brought the Urdu festival 2023 in Abu Dhabi

Moving on, was the “Book launch and award ceremony” where the “Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mr. Basir Kazmi, Safeer e Urdu Award was presented to Ms. Kamna Prasad. By Dr. Sabahat Sahab.

Then was the Urdu drama “Gaadi Taiyar hai”  “An adaptation of O Henry’s
While The Auto Waits’ is adapted and directed by Ms. Rashmi Kotriwala (Actor/Director/Writer& Producer)

 and drama artists, Ms. Priyanka Porwal, Ms. Meghna Gupta, Mr. Pranav & Mr. Zille Rehman

Haste Raho by famous poet Mr. Khalid Masood was highly entertaining and has already gained a great impression in the Urdu-speaking community. His unique ability to blend comedy with poetic expression has made them a beloved figure around. He had taken over the hall filled with the laughter of the audience, entertainment through comedy and witty dialogue in Urdu language of its own kind where renowned poets and authors presented their works, captivating the audience with their words. Attendees were able to immerse themselves in the beauty of Urdu poetry and prose, experiencing the power of language. Kahani suno was a world of storytelling and A segment dedicated to Urdu inspiring stories. Sukhan-kadah was an evening of mushaira presented by uae poets and then Sur-taal presented by well-known classical singer Mr. Kaustav Kanti Ganguly.

Moving on to Sukhanwar bahot ache presenting mushaira by international poets and finally Mehfil-E- Qawwali night Mr. Aftab Qadri by  From traditional ghazals, mushaira, storytelling, the diverse range of events highlighted the versatility of Urdu. calligraphy showcased the intricate art form, with calligraphers demonstrating their expertise. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the beauty of Urdu script and its transformation into captivating artwork.

Exhibitions were included which showcased, books, calligraphy, Heena art, and much more allowing the attendees to actively participate and learn.

It is very impressive to see Cultural Carwaan has the aim to preserve and promote the Urdu language and its cultural heritage. Overall, the event provided a comprehensive and immersive experience of Urdu culture, captivating attendees with its diverse segments and the talent of 40 artists. It celebrated the richness and vibrancy of Urdu, leaving a lasting impression on all those who attended.

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