EMOTIONS WITH MOTIONS – Collective Art exhibition by 9 International Artists
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EMOTIONS WITH MOTIONS – Collective Art exhibition by 9 International Artists

Sep 11, 2023

EMOTIONS WITH MOTIONS was a collective international art exhibition centered around visual storytelling. In this exhibition, we showcased work that drew upon memory and storytelling to visually communicate the personal experiences of 9 artists from different nationalities. The project was conceived and curated by Jesno Jackson, with the collaboration of Picasso Gallery. Within this exhibition, each work captured the essence of emotions with vibrant colors and thoughtful details, which brought to life the beauty of new growth and transformation.  

Meet the 9 artists who experienced epiphanies throughout the creative process, and the work they created mirrored their thoughts and emotions as they pertained to be in their own personal journeys.

Clarisse Meneghetti – Brazil, Mohamed F S Awad – Saudi Arabia, Elham Ghorbani Shad – Iran, Ayah Odeh – Jordan / Palestine, Mujeeb Kehar – Pakistan, Mona Hussein Ali – Britain / Sudan, Azin Rezaei – Iran, Lené Pieters – South Africa, and Margarita Ado – Lithuania.

“The pieces I’ve chosen for “Emotions with Motions” immerse us as some of the best narratives do, in the midst of things. We will enter with a kind of jolt and what we witness will have something timeless about it. Like flipping to a page somewhere in the middle of a novel and beginning to read, we might not know what’s going on, but we gladly read on. While selecting work for this exhibit, I was taken aback by the many interpretations of this theme – including the ways in which each artist depicted their own unique revelations.”, says Curator Jesno Jackson. The 30 remarkable art pieces allow you to see your place not only within individual stories but within a collection of interwoven narratives – an abstract taped to a wall, sculptures of infinity, the woman in the middle east, an orientalism with its Arabic beauty, a collection of wildlife, the classical touch of realism, women in expressionism with dynamic movements, sustainable portraits of women and so many more striking visual tales to tell.

The exhibition was Inaugurated by H.E Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali, In the presence of Lara Tabet, Dr. Heike, Kiara Kaur, Maktoum Al Marzouki, Wafaa, Tahani, Shiraz and Hanifa. H. E Laila Rahhall, Mr. Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yousuf, Dr. Mariam Sheikha and many more personalities visited the exhibition and supported the artists with art guided tour throughout the show. Gems New Millenium School visited with Art Department for a guided tour. The exhibition officially opened on 19th Aug and closed on 29th Aug, 2023. Venue – Picasso Gallery Dubai, B21, Beside Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, Dubai.

Organised by Art4you & Picasso Gallery, Curated by Jesno Jackson  Contact us at 00971562988656.

About Curator: Jesno is an Independent Art Curator, who currently focuses on creative strategies for the content division of Art4you Gallery. Her career has taken her from the Artist and Art Educator to the Art Curator. In her nearly decade-long tenure as the Art Curator, she organized exhibitions on a range of subjects. She has authored & contributed to publications for Art Magazines, as well as her personal blogs on social media. He has conceptualized and initiated many art activities. For Art4you Gallery, Jesno takes great effort to design a sophisticated and modern digital and physical aesthetic.

About Art4you Gallery: The Art4you Gallery is a multicultural platform with a mission of connecting artists, to promote the exchange of art between UAE and other countries to create nurture and stipulate community-based art projects. We are committed to engage, encourage, promote and collaborate. Our mission is to support artists by providing a creative environment for them to reside, develop, perform, and exhibit. Art4you Gallery inspires artists and provides a connection to the community for shared benefits for creatives.

Our platform showcases promising talent and offers value buys to collectors. We are proud to be providing many talented artists alongside some of the most well-known and established names. This will be an ongoing practice that will only grow with time, and hopefully create many new stars on the art horizon. Producing coveted works that find a place in contemporary collections.  www.art4yougallery.com

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