Art4you Gallery presented a collective art exhibition entitled ‘AQUA LIFE – Wonders of the sea
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Art4you Gallery presented a collective art exhibition entitled ‘AQUA LIFE – Wonders of the sea

Sep 27, 2023

Art4you Gallery presented a collective art exhibition entitled ‘AQUA LIFE – Wonders of the sea.

Dubai: The art community in the UAE was excited to see an exhibition of intelligent work that had great worth in the current world. The community profited from this event by becoming more aware of the growing threat posed by substantial climatic variations and the enormous impact these changes had on our seas, which were the primary source of life, as well as marine life. Art4you Gallery presented a collective art exhibition entitled ‘AQUA LIFE – Wonders of the sea and Underworld’ from September 16th to Sept 25th 2023. The exhibition, aligned with the sea theme featured 10 of the nation’s most celebrated artists.

Commenting on the ‘Aqua Life’ exhibition, Jesno Jackson, curator of the collective exhibition, said, “These works of art reflect the mind and soul of artists which interpret from soft waves and lovely, joyous marine environment to flowing abstract seascapes and crystalline beauty using as the source of inspiration for their art from varied moods, tides, ebb, colourful and flow. The pieces in the exhibition approach techniques like impressionism, post-modernism, expressionism, fauvism, primitivism, post impressionism, primitivism, mystical symbolism, abstractions and the figurative in an identity. We hope that the audience was similarly attracted by the broad range of artworks.”

It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to protect, maintain, and better our beautiful world. Bringing attention to the tenuous balance that exists between people and the ecosystem, particularly with regard to marine life, was the aim of Aqua Life. On rare occasions, man’s contempt for the environment can tip the balance, causing calamities of all sizes. So our message was to both appreciate the ocean and be conscious of the issues that our beautiful environment is currently dealing with. Aqua Life with a group of 10 international artists created their own story and visions from the sea, oceans all come together under one roof at a promising exhibition hosted by Picasso Gallery, in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The 10 Featured Artists were Zena Yachoui – Lebanon, Reginy Eulenstein – Australia, Jurgita Foster – Lithuania, Mesfer – UAE, Ekaterina Sholomova – Russia, Dima Albitar – Syria, Nissreen Esaifan – Jordan, Elena Butlo – Ukraine, Anila Krishna Kumar – India and Rafah Abdulrazzak- Syria. The exhibition offered a comprehensive insight into the art and design practice of the SEA through works touching on a variety of techniques and made in a wide range of mediums.

The exhibition was graced by the presence of many VIP Guests – H E Laila Rahhal El Atfani, Mr. Abdulaziz Ahmad, H.E Yaqoob Al Ali, Lara Tabet, Roa Al Madani, Mohammed Ali, Zahra Al Darwish, Shiraz Shalwani, Joelle Shams, Latha Palthi, Fatima Hajjaj, Maktoum AlMarzooqi, Hanan Al Nuami, Lene Pieters, Lithuanian Embassy Officials and others. The event was supported by Sustainability partner – Bhumika Maniyar, Founder – The Green Revolution.

A multicultural platform of visual artists, creatives, designers, and photographers, Art4you Gallery serves as a link between the UAE and other nations while also bridging the gap between artists, cultural practitioners, creative businesses, homegrown projects, art collectors, art enthusiasts, interior designers, art educators, and architects. Involved in its artistic community are more than 1100 international artists. Art4you is renowned for bringing together artists from all around the world and has been running art events for more than a decade.

The exhibition closed on Sept 25th, 2023.  Email us for details at

Founders – Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian.

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