‘The Faces -Portraiture’ Art Exhibition by ART4You Gallery at Picasso Gallery
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‘The Faces -Portraiture’ Art Exhibition by ART4You Gallery at Picasso Gallery

Oct 30, 2023

‘The Faces -Portraiture’ Art Exhibition by ART4You Gallery at Picasso Gallery.
Dubai: ‘Faces – Portraiture’ was an exclusive art exhibition hosted by ART4You Gallery, one of the
prominent galleries in the UAE, on 20th August 2023 and this was the 2nd in the series of portrait exhibitions designed and presented by Ms. Jesno Jackson, curator and founder of ART4You Gallery. ‘The Faces’ was a collection of portraitures by renowned artists from across the globe. 50 paintings and 4 sculptures by 14 artists of 12 countries adorn the walls of a Picasso Gallery built and situated suitably at the ‘The Faces’.

“Faces” is an art exhibition that goes beyond traditional expressions of human anatomy. The exhibition invites artists to delve deeper and explore the diverse and captivating beauty of humanity. This stunning collection showcases a wide range of styles, from realistic portrayals to abstract interpretations, that inspire deep thought and spark curiosity. This event celebrates talented, innovative, and strong artists worldwide.

Curators all around the world have taken advantage of the opportunity to think beyond the box, resulting in the organization of several interactive art gatherings. ‘Faces – Portraiture,’ an art exhibition by ART4You gallery, was developed with the goal of revealing the past, experiencing the present, and preserving for the future, and has received widespread recognition from the art world. The artworks were tastefully displayed based on the nature of the creation demonstrating the gallery’s expert curating talents.

As we have seen in a number of exhibitions over the years, Art4you Gallery is renowned for its excellence, inventive ideas, and prominence in execution. They also make sure that a certain element of surprise is maintained, which is what makes each subsequent event unique and enthralling for both the artists and the art enthusiasts.

Through the use of colors, textures, and shapes, each piece shares a unique story that captures moments of happiness, sadness, reflection, and peace. The exhibition challenged the viewers to look beyond the surface, appreciate the beauty of our shared humanity, and recognize the strength and resilience that each artist possesses within.

The featured artists were Andrew Scanlan – Britain, Aimee Sarah George – India, Abir Ouertani – Tunisia, Dr. Rasha Meaad – Egypt, Hessa Alzaabi – UAE, Joy Najm – Lebanon, Khuloud Almhairi – UAE, Lene Pieters – South Africa, Mahboobeh Shahnavas – Iran, Neethu George – India, Rand Alkishtaini – Iraq / Bahrain, Rania Abdelrahman – Sudan, Roa’ Al Madani – UAE, & Una St Tropez – France.

Portraiture played an important role prior to the invention of photography because it carries a centuries-old legacy and was not limited to only being a creation but also as a strong representation of an individual, that echoes its physical appearance, emotions, and character in multiple mediums such as painting, sculpture, and so on through the brilliance of an artist. Even in the twentieth century, when we have all the latest tools supported by contemporary technology that can capture all of your expressions and feelings with a single click, artists have never forgotten the age-old practice of portraiture and the uniqueness associated with it.

To ensure the visitors’ comfort and the continuity of their viewing experience, the 54 artworks shown in ‘Faces Portraiture’ were divided into three parts in the exhibition area. The curator selected all of the artworks to ensure the highest standards, and when the artist explained the stories and factors that influenced them to create the artworks, the gathering realized the works were not just pieces of art, but they held a life force within them, a force that could converse with its spectator.

Dr. Abdulla Al Shabani (Charter of Loyalty and Belonging to His Highness presented of UAE) inaugurated ‘Faces’ with H.E Yaqoob Al Ali(Executive Director & Private Advisor- Office of His Highness sheikh Juma bin Maktoum Al Maktoum) in the presence of H.E Laila Rahhall (Goodwill Ambassador, Founder & President of Business Gate, Woman Business Circle), Lara Tabet (TV Presenter, Realtor, Luxury Brand Ambassador, Founder Arab Fashion Preneur), AbdulAziz Ahmad (CEO – Safeer Corporate Services Ltd), Hind Sultan Almarzooqi (Director of Culture Office & Acting Director of Marketing – Ajman Development of Tourism Dept), Abdulaziz Hamad Almahri (Director of Legal Affairs Office at Ajman Department of Tourism Development), Abdullah Gohar(Business Development Advisor – Chairman for Ajman Development of Tourism Dept) and Mohammed Ali. During the opening talk, VIP Guests shared their perspectives on portraiture and emphasized the significance of this art form. All of the attendees expressed their thoughts on ‘Faces’ and complimented the ART4You gallery and all of the participating artists on a fantastic display.

“A portrait is a representation of a specific person that dates back at least to ancient Egypt, where it flourished around 5000 years ago.” Prior to the development of photography, the only means to record someone’s appearance was through a painted, sculpted, or sketched portrait. Portraits, on the other hand, have always been more than just a record. They have always been used to express the sitter’s authority, importance, virtue, beauty, riches, taste, learning, or other traits. Portraiture has always been flattering, and painters who refused to flatter had their work rejected. Portrait painting for commission, or on order, has become more unusual among famous modern artists. Even as portrait painting flourished in the 1990s, artists began to use video to create living portraits. This art gallery exhibition features the work of 14 artists ranging from veterans to emerging artists. The concept of this exhibition, which attempts to bring together work from several genres, has been straying from the standard notion of portrait art. We wanted to bring portrait artwork to the forefront because it is a type of work that is underappreciated. We have included 50 artworks in this show that include various subjects and styles. While you travel through the gallery you will notice that the themes and styles in this event clearly justify that the portraits allow for a breadth of expressiveness, a scrutiny of the person, and the occasion to connect with those around us.” says curator Ms. Jesno Jackson.

“This show, which celebrated the human spirit, enabled art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in these amazing pieces of art, interact with the narratives they convey, and feel their profound influence. It was a life-changing event that honored the ability of art to uplift and unite all people, not just an art show”, says Rengi Cherian – Founder of Art4you Gallery.

The exhibition was successfully closed on 24th Oct 2023 at Picasso Gallery Dubai. ww.art4yougallery.com

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