Experts emphasize the need for public-private collaboration in boosting senior citizen happiness at SIBF 2023
SIBF 2023

Experts emphasize the need for public-private collaboration in boosting senior citizen happiness at SIBF 2023

Nov 6, 2023

Advancing senior citizen well-being has been central to Sharjah’s ambitions of pursuing human-centric development

The ongoing 42nd edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), recently organized a
the discussion titled ‘Social Service: The Way to Guarantee Happiness for Senior Citizens’, to
deliberate on the pivotal role of social service in enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens.
Moderated by Dr. Walaa El-Said, the talk brought together eminent speakers and intellectuals,
who underlined the need for community engagement, the impact of social programs, and the
crucial role of public and private sectors in fostering societal well-being.

The discussion highlighted the intrinsic link between social service and individual contentment,
emphasizing the imperative need for a comprehensive approach to address the diverse needs
of senior citizens and the significance of holistic support systems and inclusive policies.

Mariam Gaduri, a social science lecturer at the University of Ajman, defined a senior citizen as
an individual over the age of sixty-five, regardless of nationality, who is entitled to psychological
and social assistance. Additionally, she elucidated the pertinent laws that oversee their rights.

Dr. Amna El-Badwawi, a prominent social worker, underscored the profound impact of
community engagement on individual well-being, stating that community support and attention
are integral to fostering a sense of belonging and purpose among seniors. She further pointed
out that social service initiatives play a crucial role in building resilient communities, thereby
contributing to the overall happiness and satisfaction of citizens.

Echoing Dr. Amna’s sentiment, Mariam El-Suliman, the former head of the social services
department in the Sharjah government and the chairperson of Sharjah-based ِEmirates Friends
of Seniors’ Citizens Association, emphasized the role of governmental initiatives in ensuring a
robust social safety net.

“Government-led social service programs are the cornerstone of holistic development and
well-being of senior citizens. By fostering a supportive environment, we can empower
individuals to lead fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to society,” she noted.
Moreover, the panelists emphasized the significance of private-sector collaboration in
augmenting the efficacy of social service programs, as well as expanding the scope and the
impact of social service interventions.
SIBF 2023 continues to serve as a platform for fostering meaningful conversations and
intellectual discourse, underlining the commitment to promote knowledge-sharing and cultural
enrichment on a global scale.

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