Science made fun for young learners at SIBF 2023
SIBF 2023

Science made fun for young learners at SIBF 2023

Nov 6, 2023

Children unleash their imaginations and critical thinking as they create a mini prototype of a hydraulic lift at a Sharjah International Book Fair workshop

Children queued excitedly to attend a Hydraulics Lift workshop at the ongoing 42nd edition of
the Sharjah International Book Fair, where activities are taking place from 1-12 November at the
Sharjah Expo Center.

After being introduced to the fascinating science behind the workings of elevators and how cars
are lifted and taken from one place to another, young attendees delved into building their own
mini hydraulic machines at the creative workshop.

“We are introducing this concept of hydraulics for the first time at the book fair. We felt this is the
right place to do this as it encourages out-of-the-box activities,” said the instructor, Tarik Al

Taking place in the dedicated Workshop area of Hall 07, the creative thinking exercise
combines motor with cognitive skills to educate children 8-13 years old about this fascinating
scientific concept which can easily be replicated as a DIY Do-it-Yourself project for curious

Using cardboard cut-outs, wooden sticks, cable ties, two syringes minus the needle, a couple of
nuts and bolts, the children put their individual kits together in a Lego-like manner. Patiently
learning how to fit the pieces, one well thought-out step after the other, they were delighted
when they saw their own mini hydraulic lift move up and down, at the end of the session.
“Kids are loving it. It is amusing for them to see how basic things can be turned into an invention
which they can use. Best of all, it’s a take-home activity, they can carry this back as a memory
of time well spent at the book fair,” Al Halabi added.

Fun and educational, the 42nd Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) is hosting exciting
activities for family members of all age groups. 1043 Arab and 990 international publishers are
showcasing over 1.5 million book titles, including 800,000 in Arabic and 700,000 in other
languages at the prestigious event which is a matchless opportunity where book lovers can
engage with thousands of industry professionals from across the region under one roof.

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