UAE’s Supreme Audit Institution participates in the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Conference in Atlanta

UAE’s Supreme Audit Institution participates in the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Conference in Atlanta

Dec 16, 2023

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 15 December 2023: Marking a significant presence, the United Arab Emirates delegation, led by His Excellency Humaid Obaid Abushibs, President of the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI), actively participated in the United Nations Convention Against Corruption’s 10th session. The pivotal gathering was themed, “20 Years of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption: Towards a United World Against Corruption”, and was held in Atlanta, United States from December 11 to 15, 2023.

Key highlights of the conference included discussions on a broad spectrum of topics and procedural matters such as the election of office holders, the ratification of the agenda, and a comprehensive review of the Convention’s implementation. The sessions fostered a rich exchange of ideas, experiences, and expertise, focusing on reinforcing the principles of integrity and transparency among member states. Critical issues such as anti-corruption measures, legal frameworks, and protective mechanisms for whistleblowers were explored, alongside the deliberation of 13 draft resolutions and two decisions, addressing vital areas like such as corruption measurement, transparency in ownership, and public procurement.

Enhancing business environment through anti-corruption measures: the UAE’s proactive model

The SAI’s official spokesperson highlighted the UAE’s success in fostering a business-friendly environment, crediting the nation’s effective anti-corruption policies and stringent regulations. These efforts have elevated transparency and integrity, boosted investor confidence and facilitated economic diversification. He said, “The UAE’s commitment to combating corruption has created a stable and competitive business environment, attracted global investments and ensuring sustainable economic growth.”

Bilateral meetings and workshops: forging stronger ties and exchanging expertise

During the conference, the SAI UAE delegation engaged in a series of meaningful bilateral dialogues with representatives from various States Parties. Led by His Excellency Humaid Obaid Abushibs, these discussions with leaders of audit bureaus involved members from countries including France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Morocco, Poland, Greece, Georgia, Croatia, Moldova, Brazil, Pakistan, Armenia, Egypt, Kuwait, Mauritania, Romania, Turkey, Malaysia, and Lebanon. They delved into crucial aspects like anti-corruption strategies, prevailing challenges, potential solutions, and the significance of sharing information and best practices.

Additionally, the UAE delegation partook in operational meetings, contributing significantly to dialogues on technical assistance, asset recovery, international cooperation, and preventive strategies against corruption. These interactions underscored the UAE’s commitment to enhancing transparency and integrity, bolstering its position as a key player in the global fight against corruption.

Showcasing the Abu Dhabi Declaration Program: a beacon of progress and cooperation

A major aspect of the UAE’s involvement was presenting the achievements of the Abu Dhabi Declaration Program. This initiative has significantly advanced cooperation between supreme audit institutions and anti-corruption agencies. The presentation covered various program initiatives, including training courses and workshops, underscoring their role in improving corruption counteraction capabilities and promoting effective public resource management.

The SAI UAE’s spokesperson expressed optimism about the Abu Dhabi Declaration Program’s future role in advancing anti-corruption measures and governance standards worldwide.

Prior to the conference, SAI UAE, in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, organized a special event to showcase the Abu Dhabi Declaration Program, bringing together global experts and officials to discuss its impact and future directions.

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