World-renowned BK Shivani delivers empowering talks in Dubai on healing, family connections, and mind stability
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World-renowned BK Shivani delivers empowering talks in Dubai on healing, family connections, and mind stability

Jan 15, 2024
  • Addresses health professionals as ‘healers’ of both mind and body at the 2nd International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition
  • Talks highlight: Consume positive content daily to enhance emotional health
  • BK Shivani: “I need to keep the remote control of my words, thoughts, deeds, and state of mind with me.”

January 14, 2024, Dubai, UAE – Thousands of residents in Dubai over the weekend had an ample dose of inspiring thoughts and experiences on healing, strengthening family connections, and maintaining a peaceful and stable mind through various sessions led by BK Shivani, an internationally acclaimed spiritual
motivational speaker, during her return to the emirate since her last visit in 2018.

World-renowned for her enlightening talks, Sister Shivani, as she is fondly called, highlighted the importance of strong emotional health to address growing mental issues due to overconsumption of negative content, and needs to be addressed in the professional, family, and personal levels.

A practitioner and teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation, Sister Shivani’s pragmatic approach to spirituality has brought more than 838 million views on her  YouTube Channel and over 7.4 million followers on her social media.

She added her unique touch and practical insights on spiritual self-awareness to elevate the services in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) at the 2nd International AYUSH Conference and Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The AYUSH conference gathers practitioners and well-being enthusiasts interested in a variety of healthcare systems mostly rooted in India such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Sowa Rigpa, and Homeopathy.

AYUSH therapies are increasingly becoming a popular option for people in the UAE when it comes to improving their health and well-being. They have now been recognized by the country’s health authorities since 2002, categorizing them as part of CAM.

The event opened on Saturday in the presence of high-profile officials from India: Dr.Munjapara Mahendrabhai Kalubhai, Minister of State, Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Women and Child Development, along with Shri V. Muraleedharan, Minister of State for External Affairs.

She urged doctors and health professionals to become ambassadors of healthy lifestyles founded on spiritual health, attributing the source of today’s diseases to anger and impatience which radiate into the body. “We can make our clinics, hospitals, and rooms a ‘No Anger Zone’. Unless I start taking care of my emotional health, I will not be able to create perfect mental and physical health,” she said.

On advising patients, she highlighted that it is not just about giving prescriptions for the body, but also to start with practicing healthy emotions. “Diet must begin with emotional diet – based on what we read, watch and listen. Consuming negative content creates issues to the body,” she noted.

BK Shivani also delivered a speech on the topic ‘Compassionate Connections’ at the BITS Pilani Campus in International Academic City, addressing over 800 attendees. The talk focused on healing in family relationships and raising children of today based on strong emotional health. She urged attendees to commit to one change: “One little homework which we can commit to is restricting content consumption and consume healthy content. Content is equal to personality, karma, and destiny.”

Further, a special talk in the Hindi language on the peaceful and stable mind took place at the Millennium Plaza on Sunday, January 14. She focused on the powers of the soul to keep the mind free from ‘stains’ or negative influence and that changing the vocabulary of the mind is an easy thing to do but it needs practice. “If I give power to others, people will manipulate me. I need to keep the remote control of my words, thoughts, deeds, and state of mind with me,” she said.

During her talks, she also led the audience to experience powerful thoughts. “Our power is in the present. If we look at the past and fear it, our present becomes full of worry… meditation is not about becoming thoughtless, it is about creating the right thoughts.”

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