Anticipation Builds as Glittering Extravaganza Beckons – Upcoming Middle East 2024 Promises Spectacle of Beauty and Talent!
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Anticipation Builds as Glittering Extravaganza Beckons – Upcoming Middle East 2024 Promises Spectacle of Beauty and Talent!

Jan 24, 2024

A Celebration of Beauty, Talent, and Grace Takes Center Stage

As the city gears up for a night of opulence and enchantment, all eyes are on the upcoming first pageant show in Abu Dhabi Middle East 2024. Mr. and Mrs. Middle East 2024 organized by Lipika Fashions, Three Nine Branding and Aloha Events is set to grace Sheraton Hotel, Corniche, Abu Dhabi on Jan 28 from 6 p.m. With an air of anticipation enveloping the community, organizers are promising a show that transcends the ordinary, elevating the pageant experience to new heights.

Prepare to be captivated by a breathtaking array of talents, as contestants showcase their skills in various categories. From mesmerizing dance routines to thought-provoking speeches, the stage will be a canvas for the contestants to paint their unique stories. The audience can expect a spectacle that goes beyond the surface, celebrating substance and individuality.

As the excitement builds, the burning question on everyone’s mind is, who will emerge as the epitome of beauty, grace, and purpose? Who will be the first Mr. Middle East 2024 and Mrs. Middle East 2024? The quest for the crown is not just about looks but about finding a representative who embodies the spirit of positive change and empowerment.

As the city counts down the days to this grand spectacle, residents are encouraged to participate in the excitement. Whether attending the show or following the events online, the upcoming Middle East 2024 pageant promises a night of glamour, inspiration, and a celebration of beauty that goes beyond the surface.

Like journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, we all took that step towards each other.

Chithra Mohanan the managing director of Aloha Group and Lipika Bhatatru the owner of Lipika Fashions met at a beauty pageant when they were just about to start new ventures in their career

Lipika met Fizza in one of the institutes in Abu Dhabi, currently, she is the CEO of Three Nine Branding a firm also in Abu Dhabi, and their minds and interests were so similar that they immediately gelled. These three young entrepreneurs are bringing this brand-new Pageant show Mr. and Mrs. Middle East in Abu Dhabi to you, some raw talent, shaping a new era for the moms in Abu Dhabi, for our kids and for other participants. The organizers are really looking forward to putting up a great show this year and the sequel of the same title in the next year.

For more details on our events follow our Instagram page Mr and Mrs Middle East 2024. We can’t forget the backbone of the event, Captain Prashant, Lipika’s husband who has shown utmost dedication, sincere follow ups and never-ending ideas to support the event, Karan who is Fizza’s husband who has not only supported in encouraging the contestants but also been so supportive and tolerant throughout Fizza’s busy schedules, and last but not the least Arun, Chithra’s husband, the driving force behind Chithra, who is very calm, patient and always ready to take up a task. We had given beach photo shoot and desert photo shoot for our contestants and Ratheesh R Menon from Aloha Events has done a fabulous job in capturing some stunning photos of the participants with the support of Lipika fashions in providing a great collection of outfits and Fizza has supported contestants in the choreography of dance reels during the shoot and those days used to be the best time spent for our contestants too.

The message from the organizers is that always believe in yourself, Choose your dreams and it’s ok to choose bigger dreams and then believe that one day you will achieve them.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of the next ambassador of elegance and purpose, as the stage is set for a pageant show that promises to be nothing short of magical!

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