Embrace the spirit of giving and sharing
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Embrace the spirit of giving and sharing

Mar 1, 2024

with Kibsons Ramadan offerings

As the blessed month of Ramadan draws upon us, Kibsons are thrilled to introduce their share-worthy Ramadan offerings.  And at the heart of these offerings lies the ‘share a meal’, Iftar boxes.  From just 7.20AED, the boxes that are designed to be passed on and shared include everything needed for those breaking fast – dates, fruit, Laban, water and chicken biryani.

Ramadan Hamper (135.00 AED)

Ready Meal Box – Veg Kofta and Rice (13.50 AED)

Ready Meal Box – Green Grams and Paratha (12.00 AED)

The act of sharing a meal is not just a culinary ritual during Ramadan, but an expression of gratitude and generosity.  As families, friends and communities come together for iftar, Kibsons is a one-stop ‘e-shop’ for all your Ramadan needs.  From over 60 different types and brands of dates to themed tableware and delicious half-moon sweet delights, there is something for everyone!

Crescent Lamp (19.45 AED)

Eid Wall Background (38.25 AED)

Table Cover (47.20 AED)

Also available are a range of whole lambs and goats, and a wider range of halal meat – produced in Kibsons own state-of-the-art facility.

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