The Region’s Biggest Platform For HR Tech Wraps Up On A High
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The Region’s Biggest Platform For HR Tech Wraps Up On A High

Mar 1, 2024
  • Revealed that 79% of employees were more productive when working in a hybrid model comprising of working 1-3 days from home
  • “Hybrid work models are not just a trend; they are the future”, says the Qualtrics study
  • Propagated the importance of the integration of technology and human connection for the coming years

27th February 2024, Dubai: The HR Tech MENA Summit 2024 concluded on a high with transformative insights and discussions, reinforcing its position as a pivotal event in the HR and technology sectors. The HR TECH MENA Summit paved a platform for key HR players from across the region to discuss trending topics, including humanizing technology, self-leadership, employee experience trends, and the impact of AI in HR.

The HR Tech MENA Summit was inaugurated with a keynote by the renowned HR Guru, Chester Elton, highlighting the importance of humanizing technology in leadership and HR. The day progressed with panel discussions centered around using HR tech to enhance employee engagement, create resilient teams, and strike a balance between technology and human interaction for well-being and effective talent management. The emphasis was on providing practical insights and strategies to utilize technology for cultivating a nurturing and inventive work atmosphere.

Day Two welcomed incredible weather and the two powerful and dedicated topics in the HR TECH arena, with Stream 1, titled “Decoding the Value of Workforce Wellbeing and EX-factor,” providing attendees with invaluable insights into fostering employee wellness and its impact on organizational performance and other critical aspects to deliver a sustainable success. Experts explored strategies, best practices, and emerging trends to create a thriving workplace culture that prioritizes employee health and happiness.

In parallel, Stream 2, “Turning Dilemmas into Dreams: The AI Agenda for Learning and Development, “addressed the transformative role of artificial intelligence in shaping learning and development initiatives. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of how AI-powered solutions can revolutionize training programs, enhance skill development, and drive continuous learning within organizations. Through these two dynamic streams, a stunning line-up of thought leaders shared their wealth of deep understanding on the respective topics, and the attendees gained actionable strategies and innovative approaches to address key challenges and propel HR practices into the future.

During the keynote speech, Chester Elton emphasized, “Keep kindness, gratitude, and daily acts of kindness at the heart of our interactions,” which captures the essence of the HR Tech MENA Summit’s vision. “I believe integrating gratitude and kindness with technology use in the workplace aimed to inspire a more inclusive and emotionally safe environment.” Further, Elton’s advocacy for a human-centric approach in HR practices underlined the conference’s focus on creating resilient and supportive work cultures, blending inspiration with practical action.

The report shared at the summit by Qualtrics revealed that 79% of employees were more productive when working in a hybrid model comprising of working 1-3 days from home. Rohan Sinha, Senior Director Solutions, Qualtrics Middle East delved into the 2024 employee experience trends and said, “Hybrid work models are not just a trend; they are the future. Incorporating these models not only enhances productivity but also opens new avenues for recruitment, allowing organizations to tap into a wider talent pool by offering flexible working conditions.” Moreover, Sinha’s insights on evolving workplace expectations provided a blueprint for enhancing organizational culture and productivity.

The summit also deep dived into emerging technologies for HR with an insightful keynote from David Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of The Talent Enterprise, who spoke on the transformative potential of AI in HR. “AI is not just a tool for efficiency; it’s a catalyst for innovation in talent management. ” Jones stated, advocating for a balanced approach that leverages technology while preserving the human element at the core of HR practices. The Summit also had a focused stream on day two for best practices in AI for HR and Learning and Development.

Another notable speaker, Andrew Bryant, Founder of Self Leadership International Global, talked about self-leadership and resonated with the attendees. He stated, “Self-leadership is the key to thriving in today’s digital workplace. It involves understanding and harnessing one’s own strengths, values, and purpose to lead oneself toward achieving personal and professional goals. ” Bryant’s advocacy for self-leadership seamlessly aligns with Rohan Sinha’s perspective on the benefits of hybrid work models, highlighting a common theme of enabling individuals to take ownership of their professional growth while embracing flexible work arrangements.

Sidh NC, Director at QnA International, expressed, “We believe HR Tech MENA will leverage our existing complementary experience, know-how, and expertise to grow the HR Tech portfolio of conferences to greater heights. This symbolizes the strength that emerges when key visionary entities unite for a common purpose for the HR community in the Middle East region.” 

The summit’s discussions were not just about embracing technological advancements but also about reinforcing the human elements that make organizations thrive. Authenticity, kindness, and empathy were recurring themes, with speakers and attendees alike sharing a vision for a workplace that values human connection as much as it does innovation. 

Reflecting on the insights and inspirations from this event, it’s clear that the future of HR lies in the harmonious integration of technology and human touch. The HR Tech MENA Summit has once again paved the way for innovative practices, strengthening a community of leaders ready to drive change and success in their organizations. 

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