Fashion For All Season 3 (Audition & Press Conference 2024)
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Fashion For All Season 3 (Audition & Press Conference 2024)

May 28, 2024

Dubai, UAE – Dubai witnessed a spectacular Fashion Event Audition and Press conference on Saturday May 25, 2024, at the Al Habtoor Palace Hotel, SZR Road Dubai where the participants from different nationalities such as India, Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines, Algeria ,China showcased their talent for fashion walk during FFA season 3 Audition.The event was a grand success, attracting fashion enthusiasts from all over the industry.

The event was organized by Demi-Lune Events a Dr Moon Mukerjee Venture Backed up by Producer Vikrant Yadav, Team head-Aakash Chawla and Media head-Prof Adil Matin, supported by Head of Finance-Sandeep Kumar, Team Administrator-Deedu Davis, Team Manager-Shija Vinod, Assistant Team Manager-Nemika Joshi and Navya Gur, Show Manager-Anurag Akhauri and Manikandan,  Show Contestant coach-Ahmed Sharqawy, Production head- Harikrishnan, Team photographer-Srejith Kallazhy and Binesh Chandra, Assistant Model Coordinator-Muhammed Munavara and Team supporter Latha Palthi.

For FFA Season 3 Audition, the participants came from different backgrounds displayed a range of body types, ages, and ethnicities. This diversity was well-received by the Judges, who appreciated the event’s commitment to inclusivity. The participants presented their walks and were judged by a panel of 10 jury of diverse backgrounds based on their personality and commitment to transform through the FFA season 3 journey. The jury members were Dr. Moon Mukerjee, Prof Adil Matin, Alina Liwo, Amina Konate, Darya Mironava, Amani, Wilson Saldhana, Rashmi Chandekar, Vikrant Yadav, Achraf Slimani and Ahmed Sharqawy.

Later the Press conference kicked off with an opening ceremony that included a Team introduction and a opening act by famous musician Ms Lina Amor, followed by questionnaire from the press/media, guests, designers and other attendees.

The Press/Media from around the world –Khaleej Times, NDTV, INDIA TV, Republic TV, Aaj Tak, India Today, NKN, WeTel Golf, 92 News, City04, Samma TV, CBH Times, NKN Media,GV International,DGN etc were present at the event.

Fashion for All is an annual event that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. It provides a platform for emerging designers and models to showcase their talent and connect with industry professionals. It encourages people from different groups of societies to find their identities and this year the audience gets to witness a more inclusive show , showcasing the specially abled children ,an intiative taken by Dr Moon partnering with Gems Education.

The organizer of the event Dr Moon Mukerjee was thrilled with the successful audition and press conference for “Fashion for All season 3”.She quoted, “We wanted to create a platform that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry, and we believe that we have achieved that goal with our last 2 seasons and looking forward to a successful journey ahead. She also mentioned Collaboration is the newest currency and requested the industry to support each other for better growth and more high yield results’.

The Finale of “Fashion for All” season 3 will be happening on 14th September 2024 at the Millenium Crown Plaza Hotel, Dubai. This year’s event will be no exception, as it will feature a diverse range of designers and models, from all walks of life with senior Jury members being Mr. Aakash Chawla, Dr. Marika Crohns, Ms Ellen Milton, Mr Hitesh, Ms Lynn Velasco and Ms Yasmin Taimoori and Kids Jury being Ms Veronika, Ms Simra, Ms Aditi, Ms Lamya, and Ms Lee Fernandes.

The registered fashion designers’ collection for Finale till now, would be from renowned designers Lagon Moda, Mona Lee, Priya fashion, Ivorine Couture,and Abdu designer.

In addition to the runway shows and Contest, the event will also feature Gulf Awards where the best in different industries will be recognized and awarded for the same along with few rounds of catwalk showcasing kids of diverse backgrounds from the age of 7 to 17.

With the support of Sponsors like DR.ITFIXING who is giving away tech products to contestants, and Media Supports like ZEN FILMS by Ms. Zenofar Fatima who announced that 2 lucky contestants, from Kids and Adult sections would get a chance to be showcased in  their upcoming series on OTT Platforms as ZEE 5, SPECTER:BLACK OUT Season2, it was indeed a boost to the candidates.

Fashion for All was indeed a grand success over the last 2 seasons and proved that diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry is not just a trend, but a necessity. The event is also supported by DIAMOND MODELS SCHOOL co founder Ms Darya Mironava with her expert team and high end models.Top of FormBottom of Form

The event ended on a high note, with participants raving about the amazing experience. “Fashion for All 2024 audition was truly an unforgettable experience,” said one attendee.

Dr Moon also  announced the launching of “ The Pride of Tribe’ an initiative by Ms. Kanti Gari and supported by Govt of Jharkhand ,India, promoting the tribal fashion and sustainability giving an opportunity to tribal people;  who can showcase their talent ,tradition ,culture and fashion in association with FASHIONFORALL DUBAI produced by DEMILUNE EVENTS supported by RENAD EVENTS .Ms Kanti Gari is the founder of this great event collaboration with FFA SEASON 3, a very successful name in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES alongside Ms. Latha the co-founder of the concept of THE PRIDE OF TRIBE.

As the day ended on a positive and high note, Dr Moon Mukerjee founder of FASHION FOR ALL DUBAI and CEO of DEMILUNEVENTS congratulated all the finalists and guests and media who came to attend the press conference and support the initiative to inclusion, sustainability and diversity in the field of fashion in UAE, as the proud country has always supported the above three.

To be a part of this esteemed event in any capacity happening on 14TH September in Dubai, kindly contact on the below:


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