Detoxing on the Go: Easy Meal Prep Tips for Busy Lifestyle
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Detoxing on the Go: Easy Meal Prep Tips for Busy Lifestyle

May 29, 2024

Meenaxy would like to offer practical advice for individuals with busy schedules on how to prepare and maintain a detox diet. Share quick and easy meal prep ideas, along with tips for staying on track while traveling or at work.

Summer Detox: Why Summer is the Perfect Time for a Reset

Explain the benefits of conducting a detox during summer, highlighting the availability of fresh, seasonal produce. Discuss how lighter, hydrating foods are ideal for both detoxification and weight loss.

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About Meenaxy Vashishtha

Meenaxy Vashishtha, the founder of Go Organic, has embarked on a journey of transformation that has not only changed her life but also influenced the lives of countless others.

Meenaxy’s journey with Go Organic began in 2014, driven by her unwavering passion for health and wellness. However, her path to success was not without challenges. Balancing the demands of motherhood with the aftermath of two consecutive C-sections, Meenaxy found herself struggling to regain her vitality and well-being. Disappointed by the ineffectiveness of store-bought supplements, she turned to juicing as a solution.

Through a regimen of two daily juices alongside her meals, Meenaxy experienced a remarkable transformation. Within just two months, she shed excess weight, regained her energy, and bid farewell to supplements for good. 

Inspired by the power of plant-based nutrition, she embraced a vegan lifestyle and delved into the benefits of raw eating and juicing. Thus, Go Organic was born—a testament to Meenaxy’s commitment to holistic health and wellness. Collaborating with nutritionists and partners, she curated cleanse plans and juices that are not only nutritional but also holistic in nature.

Since its inception, Go Organic has flourished, expanding its product portfolio beyond juices to offer a wide range of health-enhancing products. And the journey continues, with plans for further expansion and innovation on the horizon.

About Go Organic Journey

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Established in 2014 by Meenaxy Vashishtha, Go Organic has undergone a transformative journey from its inception. Inspired by personal health challenges, including recovery from two consecutive C-sections within a year and three months, Meenaxy embarked on a quest to revamp her eating habits. Dissatisfied with store-bought supplements, she turned to juicing and experienced remarkable results. Through daily consumption of two nutrient-rich juices alongside meals, she shed excess weight, regained vitality, and abandoned supplements entirely. Embracing a vegan lifestyle and delving into the benefits of raw food and juicing, Meenaxy envisioned Go Organic. Collaborating with nutritionists and partners, she curated cleanse plans and juices that prioritise nutrition and holistic well-being. Partnered with nutrition experts like Victoria Tipper, Gloria Halim, Coach Den, Mila Konsina and Bhavna Nihalani, all the Resets are carefully planned with months of meticulous Research. 

Since its inception, Go Organic has expanded its product range beyond juices, continuously evolving to meet the diverse needs of its customers. While initially focused on supporting local organic farms in the UAE, the brand adapted its sourcing approach over time to prioritise freshness and quality. Recognising the challenges of sourcing organic produce year-round, Go Organic shifted to utilising locally and GCC-sourced produce, ensuring freshness and adherence to the highest standards. Beyond organic sourcing, Go Organic embodies a commitment to sustainability, reflecting a broader ethos that extends beyond the use of organic ingredients alone.

As Go Organic continues to innovate and grow, it remains dedicated to its core values of promoting holistic wellness, sustainability, and accessibility to nourishing foods. With a mission to inspire healthier lifestyles and foster a deeper connection to the food we consume, Go Organic looks forward to expanding its offerings and making a positive impact on individuals and communities alike. 

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