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Funtastic Family – UAE ICONS

Jul 24, 2023

Funtastic Family Presents UAE ICON – Season 3 Auditions in Abu Dhabi on 23rd July 2023
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An Amazing Start to an Amazing Event
Abu Dhabi, 23rd July 2023 – The much-awaited UAE ICON – Season 3 has kicked off with a bang, promising to be even more captivating than its previous editions. The brainchild of the visionary duo Geetanjali and Bharat Arora, the founders of Funtastic Family, this spectacular platform aims to bring together diverse talents from all walks of life on one unified stage. No matter the age, gender, or creed, everyone is welcome to showcase their unique skills and abilities.
The event commenced with a dazzling display of talent, leaving the audience mesmerized by the incredible performances. It was a heartening sight to witness talents ranging from as young as 7 years old to seasoned individuals of 50 years old, all coming together to shine on the same stage.
The diverse array of talents on display included singing, dancing, instrumental performances, and acts that left everyone in awe. The competition was fierce, and the stakes were high as participants vied for the coveted spots in the finals to be held in Dubai.
The esteemed jury panel consisted of accomplished personalities from various domains. Muge Okteen, a renowned singer, musician, and stage performer, lent her expertise alongside Berserk, a skilled dancer, choreographer, and organizer of the Horizon group. Completing the panel was Ruby Mathur, a trained classical dancer, fashion instructor, and relationship counselor. Their collective experience and discerning eyes were put to the test as they had the challenging task of selecting the cream of the crop among the brilliant performers.

The event has only just begun, and the excitement is set to soar higher as the auditions continue in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Dubai. Aspiring performers across the Emirates now have the golden opportunity to exhibit their talents and take part in this enthralling journey.
“We believe in nurturing talent and providing a platform for everyone to showcase their passion, regardless of age or background. UAE ICON is a celebration of unity through talent, and we are thrilled to witness such remarkable performances,” said Geetanjali and Bharat Arora, the dynamic minds behind Funtastic Family.

The auditions in Abu Dhabi have set the bar high, promising an even grander show in the upcoming rounds. So, stay tuned and witness the unfolding of extraordinary talent in the UAE.
The show continues, stay tuned.

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