Shamma Hamdan Releases Debut Album – Tkhawfni
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Shamma Hamdan Releases Debut Album – Tkhawfni

Jul 25, 2023

Under the guidance and musical vision of composer Yasser Buali

Shamma Hamdan Releases Debut Album “Tkhawfni” with Ten Music Videos

Shamma Hamdan: Composer Yasser Buali was my biggest supporter throughout the album, and he was the one who insisted on recording all ten songs with music videos.

Shamma personally chose and supervised each “look” for the videos
Date: 25 July 2023:

Emirati singer Shamma Hamdan has released her debut album, “Tkhawfni”, under the guidance and musical vision of composer Yasser Buali, featuring ten songs, each accompanied by a music video. The creative and stylistic vision of the videos, directed by Bassam Al-Turk, is a departure from traditional Emirati music.
Shamma personally chose and supervised each “look” for the videos, which were filmed over five days after more than six months of preparation.
Shamma Hamdan expressed her joy on the release of her debut album, which was a daring move as she chose to release an album of all the songs with a Western-inspired theme. She credits the director, Bassam Al-Turk and the director of photography, Samir Karam, for bringing her vision to life. Shamma credits composer Yasser Bu Ali for the idea of filming a music video for each song and his insistence on pursuing it.
“The idea of filming all ten songs in a music video format was suggested by composer Yasser Buali, who insisted on it and told me that I could present them in an elegant, different, and distinctive way,” explains Shamma.
The Emirati singer also said, “I consider filming a full album, including ten clips, a risk for me, especially since I am standing in front of the camera for the first time and filming.”

Shamma collaborated with Yasser Buali on five songs he composed, including “Tkhawfni”, or You Scare Me, “Tahmlni Khotak”, or Your Steps Carry Me, “Kifak” or How Are You, “Wala Yhemak” or Never Mind, and “La Tobarir” or Don’t Justify, as well as the song “Atanfasok or “I Breathe You” composed by Tariq Bakhsh. Shamma composed four songs titled “Methel Ghirak or “Like Others,” Waqtu Annawm or “Bedtime,” “Katalt Elmashair or You Killed Feelings,” and ” Walhana or Lovesick,” with lyrics written by renowned Gulf poets Musaed Al-Rashidi, Al-Alia, Washm, Ahmed Al-Sanea, Abdul Rahman Al-Obaidan, Sattam Al-Otaibi, Ahmed Alawi, and Abdullah Bouras.

“The Emirati singer is looking forward to hearing the opinion of the public in the Gulf and the Arab world on the ten musical works, especially since they carry a musical vision of the composer Yasser Bouali, who excelled in directing and supervising them musically and productively,” says Shamma.
Shamma released the album exclusively on her official YouTube channel, as well as all major audio and video platforms and Gulf and Arab radio stations. With her debut album, Shamma hopes to make a mark in the music industry and hopes her album will resonate with listeners across the region.

Note: Attached is a link that includes the 10 music videos of the artist, Shamma Hamdan:

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