SPL pavilion at SIBF 2023 provides 17 diverse activities for all ages promoting the love of reading
SIBF 2023

SPL pavilion at SIBF 2023 provides 17 diverse activities for all ages promoting the love of reading

Nov 6, 2023

Sharjah Public Libraries program provides storytelling adventures, workshops, and discussions for various audiences

Sharjah Public Libraries (SPL) were prominently featured within the 42nd Sharjah
International Book Fair’s (SIBF) main hall, where they presented a pavilion that blends
modern design with genuine Emirati heritage. This pavilion serves as the backdrop for a
varied program encompassing 17 activities and workshops curated for different age groups,
including specialised sessions for educators, researchers, and academics.

SPL’s diverse programme has a number of captivating events catering to children
encouraging reading within their developing minds. Among them, the ‘Little Storyteller’
transports children into the realm of reading and writing through engaging interactive tools
and playful games. The ‘Green Warrior’ activity places environmental awareness at the
forefront, nurturing eco-consciousness in young participants. Finally, the ‘Korean Handheld
Fans’ workshop provides an exciting opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the
fascinating world of traditional art by creating their own handheld fans.

As part of its mission to engage and inspire the youth and teens, SPL has curated activities
encompassing a broad spectrum of interests. ‘Travel Among the Stars’ encourages young
minds to expand their horizons and enrich their knowledge. The ‘Bibliotherapy’ workshop
delves into the therapeutic benefits of reading. The ‘Step by Step in Developing Writing Skills
for Youth’ workshop provides a platform for enhancing writing skills and fostering literary
creativity among young attendees.

For adult attendees, SPL presents ‘Freshly Released,’ an engaging panel discussion that
highlights the most recent literary, cultural, and knowledge releases from around the world.
Visitors can anticipate valuable insights from experts, including book recommendations and

SPL has also curated a range of enlightening sessions tailored for specialists, academics,
and library experts. These include a workshop titled ‘Academic Journals and Publishing and
Accessibility Challenges: The Library Sector as a Model,’ a lecture exploring ‘Libraries,
Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship,’ a panel discussion centred on ‘Membership in
International Bodies and Committees: Enhancing Presence and Maximising Impact,’ and an academic debate delving into ‘Knowledge Sources and Scientific Research: A Comparison
Between Humanities and Sciences.’

These sessions offer specialised insights, encouraging knowledge-sharing and innovation,
promoting accessibility in academic publishing, and enhancing the impact of library
professionals and academics in the global arena.

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