30×30 Around the World – Small Canvas Art Exhibition by 26 International Artists

30×30 Around the World – Small Canvas Art Exhibition by 26 International Artists

Feb 5, 2024

Dubai: Art4you Gallery’s outstanding show “30×30 Around the World” transports viewers on a cultural journey through 58 miniature canvases that exquisitely capture the essence of each featured country. These 30 by 30 cm canvases served as private windows into a range of foreign history, traditions, landscapes, and portraits. Each work of art is an expertly rendered depiction of the unique cultural identity of a different nation. The 58 carefully selected works in the program showcase the artists’ talents in a harmonious celebration of worldwide variation, providing a vibrant view of the globe. This exhibition gave many art enthusiasts the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of other civilizations, which promoted an understanding of the richness that defined our shared human past.  The Exhibition was officially opened at Picasso Gallery, Beside Al Serkal Avenue on 21st Jan 2024 and runs until 30th Jan 2024.

“Step into a world of vibrant diversity with ’30×30 Around the World,’ a captivating small canvas art exhibition that transcends borders and embraces the richness of global culture and heritage. Each 30×30 cm canvas serves as a window into the unique stories and traditions of various nationalities and cultures. The exhibition unveils a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions, where talented artists from around the world capture the essence of their heritage. From traditional motifs to contemporary interpretations, ’30×30 Around the World’ showcases the beauty and interconnectedness of our shared human experiences, inviting viewers on a visual journey that celebrates the tapestry of cultures that make up our global identity.” Says the Curator Jesno Jackson.

With expressive brushstrokes and vivid hues, each artist contributed a distinct viewpoint, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of their own civilizations. The artworks welcomed spectators on an international visual voyage. These pieces of art offered glimpses into the customs, practices, and history that give each represented culture its unique personality. Art4you Gallery on this cultural journey honored the artistic manifestations that unite all.

Exhibition was Inaugurated by H.E Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali & Mr. Abdulqader Alrais in the presence of, Maktoum Al Marzouki, Abeer Abdullah, Mohammed Ali Rabah El Awaar, and Kiara Kaur. Mr. Ali Alzakary, Mohseen, Rana Alzakary, Edoardo Pesenti, Katie, Victoria Zaytseva, Leo, Isabela De Almeida, Collectors Yash, Rolla, Rana and many more personalities have visited the exhibition and supported the artists with art guided tour throughout the show.

28 Participated Artists were Khuloud Amhairi, Gayatri Simit Shah, Rania Abdelrahman, Ashwini Gawade,Alzbeta Znamenska, Vashila Vohra, Sibel Yavuz, Karthika S(Kay), Maryam Shahbazi, Maria Komal Abie, Vasilisa Eliseeva, Jesno Jackson, Mehboobeh Shahnavas, Sona Minas, Rija Umar, Lumbini Kavi Yadav, Iqbal Odeh (Lulu) Ladan Rouzbeh, Reem Alsuby, Hana Achour, Mouza Rashed Al Darmaki, Kira Melnikova, Sherouq El Masry, Avijit Majumder, Anila K, Sanjana Nanda, Dana Almheiri, and Thauheeda Thameem. We included a live painting session throughout the occasion by Artist Ricknibert bringing a dynamic and participatory aspect to the overall ambience.

The exhibition has become a focal point for those seeking art that not only visually stimulates but also tells compelling stories of heritage, traditions, and the shared human experience. The reaction from art collectors has been extremely favourable overall, with many expressing a wish to add works to their collections that would serve as significant representations of the worldwide mosaic of cultures included in “small canvas” in addition to being visually pleasing. The curation of the artworks was praised for creating a cohesive narrative that seamlessly connected pieces from different countries. The atmosphere of the exhibition was described as welcoming and inclusive, encouraging open conversations about art and culture. Visitors were impressed by the exhibition’s ability to showcase diverse cultural perspectives through the artworks.  Overall, visitors left with a memorable and enriching experience, inspired by the beauty and interconnectedness of global cultures as depicted in 30x 30 Around the World. www.art4yougallery.com

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