Akshay Kumar Unveils Soul-Stirring Music Video “Shambhu” Dedicated to Lord Shiva

Akshay Kumar Unveils Soul-Stirring Music Video “Shambhu” Dedicated to Lord Shiva

Feb 5, 2024

International megastar Akshay Kumar takes centre stage in the newly released music video, “Shambhu,” a visual and auditory spectacle that pays homage to Lord Mahadev. The music video, which premiered this morning on social media, showcases Akshay Kumar’s unparalleled talent as he not only graces the screen but also lends his soulful voice to the captivating song.

In “Shambhu,” Akshay Kumar embraces a transformative look, sporting dreadlocks fashioned into a man bun. The superstar’s striking appearance is accentuated by intricate chest and arm tattoos, adding a unique and artistic dimension to his portrayal. Dressed in flowy attire that complements the mystique of the music video, Akshay Kumar confidently flaunts his chiselled abs, captivating audiences with his charismatic presence.

While Akshay Kumar takes on the role of the face of “Shambhu,” he also showcases his musical prowess by lending his vocals to the song. Collaborating with Sudhir Yaduvanshi and Vikram Montrose, the trio delivers a powerful performance that enhances the spiritual experience of the music video. The lyrics, penned by Abhinav Shekhar, and the soulful composition by Vikram Montrose create a seamless blend of devotion and artistic expression.

Akshay Kumar shared the music video on his social media platforms & expressed his excitement, captioning “Our divine tribute, #Shambhu, is here for all to experience! #ShambhuOutNow”,

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