Mister Baker Chef Sameera Madushanka Dahanayaka wins 4 Gold Medals at the 26th IKA Culinary Olympics

Mister Baker Chef Sameera Madushanka Dahanayaka wins 4 Gold Medals at the 26th IKA Culinary Olympics

Feb 23, 2024

Chef Sameera was representing the UAE National Team at the Culinary Olympics

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: UAE-based Mister Baker’s Chef Sameera Madushanka Dahanayaka has garnered national pride with his gold medal achievements at the prestigious 26th IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany. Representing UAE at the event, Chef Sameera showcased his exceptional talent in both Pastry Art and Culinary Art categories, highlighting his outstanding skills and unwavering dedication to the culinary craft. 

A total of 1500 chefs from 70 national teams competed in the IKA Culinary Olympics across various categories, all judged by more than 60 international luminaries, including renowned chefs like Jerard Mendis and Uwe Micheel.

In this year’s event, Chef Sameera showcased exceptional skill and creativity, securing two gold medals in the D1-2 Salt Carving category and two gold medals in the D2-2 Sugar Carving category as a pivotal member of the UAE National Team. The overall performance of the UAE National Team, consisting of 23 chefs, resulted in an impressive tally of 27 silver medals, further underscoring the culinary excellence and prowess of the team.

Chef Sameera expressed gratitude to Mister Baker, highlighting the consistent support and commitment the company provides. He emphasized Mister Baker’s dedication to staff growth at all levels, affirming that they stand by their associates in every aspect. Mister Baker plays a crucial role in fostering the professional development of its team members, making it a reliable and supportive partner for chefs like Sameera at every stage of their careers.

Hailing from Sri Lanka, Chef Sameera has been an integral part of Mister Baker’s culinary team for three years as a Pastry Chef, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a passion for the artistry of pastry. His culinary journey began in 2015 as an artist in Sri Lanka, participating in local competitions, and setting the stage for his international acclaim. In 2023, Chef Sameera achieved a significant milestone by securing five gold medals and one silver at the Gulf Food Competition. This remarkable feat earned him the prestigious qualification to represent the UAE at the 2024 IKA Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany.

Reflecting on his journey, Chef Sameera shared, “This is my first time participating in the IKA Culinary Olympic 2024 in Germany. I completed these four cake masterpieces in 4 to 5 months, managing the delicate balance between customer orders, personal schedules, and the demanding competition preparation. It was challenging, but I sacrificed my free time to ensure each cake design exuded creativity and detail.”

Tushar Fotedar, Director at Mister Baker said, “Chef Sameera’s achievement not only reflects his personal dedication and skill but also brings immense pride to Mister Baker, the UAE, and the culinary community at large. Mister Baker congratulates Chef Sameera on this exceptional accomplishment and looks forward to continued success on his culinary journey.”

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