A Grand Event in UAE Unveils an Artistic Celebration with Renowned Brands- Brands for Less Group, Blacklane, Wasaya Investment, and Al Ain Farms

A Grand Event in UAE Unveils an Artistic Celebration with Renowned Brands- Brands for Less Group, Blacklane, Wasaya Investment, and Al Ain Farms

Mar 4, 2024

Dubai, UAE – 23rd February,2024: In a dazzling display of creativity and artistic ingenuity, the highly anticipated launch event for the coffee table book “Artist in Focus 2024,” curated by the prestigious Magzoid Magazine, unfolded with grandeur and splendor. Set against the backdrop of Warehouse Four, the event served as a beacon for artistic expression, drawing together a constellation of esteemed brands including the illustrious BFL (Brands for Less) Group, Blacklane, Wasaya Investment, and Al Ain Farms. Each entity infused the occasion with its distinctive essence, contributing to a celebration that transcended mere publication unveiling, emerging as a testament to the profound impact of artistry on our cultural landscape. The event was powered by Wasaya Investment, known for fostering global business opportunities for every entrepreneur.

Building upon last year’s success with CREATE 2.0, Magzoid proudly continues its transformative partnership with BFL Group. Winners and runners-up from various categories were announced, with their remarkable artworks showcased throughout the event. A selected winner, Advay Sureka meticulously painted a doodle design, theming BFL brand and Ramadan together.

Reflecting on the same, Toufic Kreidieh, Executive Chairman of the Board and Group CEO of BFL Group, shared his vision, stating, “As we started this partnership with Magzoid Magazine, our vision is to empower the new generations and patronize their passions and talents. Through collaboration, we aim to light children’s spark of creativity and curiosity, fostering a future where they can confidently pursue their dreams and make meaningful contributions to the world. This initiative also reflects our commitment to nurturing cultural growth in the UAE, enriching the society with diverse forms of creativity.”

Advay Sureka’s design, meticulously selected by Brands for Less, will adorn the cover of Magzoid’s eagerly awaited March edition, serving as a vibrant testament to artistic brilliance. This captivating cover, a masterpiece of doodle art, intricately celebrates the spirit of Ramadan, resonating with cultural significance and contemporary flair. It stands as a vivid reflection of Brands for Less’ forward-thinking ethos and visionary leadership, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to championing exceptional talent and fostering a culture of creativity. 

In addition to the artistic showcase, Al Ain Farms introduced its innovative products, including the Cook in the Bag Chicken, a range of ready-to-cook marinated chicken that cooks in the bag for 45 minutes at 180 degrees. This culinary delight promises convenience and hassle-free cooking without compromising on taste and quality, utilizing locally sourced, 100% fresh chicken produced in the UAE. Alongside this, Al Ain Farms proudly presents their organic, ultra-fresh juices and sugar-free Greek yogurt, offering wholesome options for health-conscious consumers.

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