Savouring Success: Art4you Gallery Sets Two Official World Records in Coffee-Infused Artistry

Savouring Success: Art4you Gallery Sets Two Official World Records in Coffee-Infused Artistry

Apr 30, 2024

Nestled within the vibrant cultural landscape of Dubai, Art4you Gallery has recently etched its name into the annals of artistic history by clinching not one but two Official World Records. This extraordinary achievement stands as a testament to the gallery’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and fostering a spirit of collaboration within the creative community.

The first of these records, the “Longest Live Painting with Coffee,” unfolded as a remarkable testament to Art4you Gallery’s ingenuity and innovation. Transforming a vast expanse of watercolor paper stretching an impressive 70 meters, Art4you Gallery provided a blank canvas for artists to embark on a truly unique artistic journey. Armed with brushes and an unexpected palette of coffee, these talented individuals embarked on a collaborative endeavor unlike any other. With each stroke, they infused the canvas with the rich, earthy tones of freshly brewed coffee, weaving together a mesmerizing tapestry of artistic expression. Under the visionary leadership of Jesno Jackson, the event curator extraordinaire, the gallery orchestrated an artistic symphony where the aroma of coffee seamlessly blended with each brushstroke, resulting in a masterpiece that transcended traditional artistic boundaries.

The event, held as part of the inaugural 1st Art Marathon under the Coffee Art Marathon banner in the UAE, not only secured an Official World Record for Art4you Gallery but also for Curator – Jesno Jackson herself. Supported by Attibassi, a renowned coffee brand, the record-breaking event showcased the potential of sustainability in art, highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship in the creative process. The speed at which the masterpiece unfolded was truly remarkable. In just 1.5 hours, the collaborative efforts of the artists transformed the blank canvas into a living testament to human creativity. Supported by Montelbano at Alkhayat Avenue and Monviso Water, the event not only provided necessary resources but also amplified the message of sustainability and collaboration within the art community.

But the achievement goes beyond breaking records; it represents a celebration of collaboration and unity within the art community. With brushes in hand and coffee as their unexpected palette, artists from diverse backgrounds converged to weave a tapestry of cultural narratives on the canvas. Each stroke was infused with the richness of coffee, symbolizing a shared commitment to innovation and creativity.

The Felicitation Ceremony, held on March 28th, 2024, at the prestigious Art Point Gallery Jumeirah, was a fitting tribute to the artists’ achievements. Distinguished personalities from the United Arab Emirates – H.E Yaqoob Al Ali, H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani, H.E Abdulaziz Ahmad, Maktoum Al Marzooqi, Peter Farrington, Bernardette Eslais, Eng. Zahra Al Darwish graced the occasion, underscoring the significance of this milestone in the cultural landscape of Dubai.

Beyond the records, this accomplishment speaks to the passion and dedication of the 41 talented artists who contributed their creativity to the project. Each participant received individual certificates, recognizing their vital role in shaping art history. Among the notable contributors were Mahum Shoaib, Alia Abdul Karim, Soobika Fawad, Rahma Fawad, Shakiba Rabiei, Aliyeh Mohammad Barazandeh, Mehboobeh Shahnavas, Lina Abdolhamid, Jesno Jackson, Neethu George, Maria Komal Abie, Manjari Vybhava, Murali Nettissery, Megha Manjarekar, Ridhima Ajay Manjarekar, Ruxeena Mustafa, Anila Krishnakumar, Nisha Varghese, Zara Bekmurzaeva, Sofia Bekmurzaeva, Smagulova Sabina, Smagulova Ameliya, Elias Avad, Volha Bunko, Beschetnov Bogdan, Iurii Ivanov, Sofia Kuprina, Zulya Kuprina, Ariella Livshits, Vasilisa Eliseeva, Margaux Paradis, Alice Zakaryan, Kira Zakaryan, Sarri Tolarba Gayat, Khuloud Almhairi, Alzbeta Znamenska and many others.

In essence, Art4you Gallery’s record-breaking achievement is more than just a feat of artistic prowess; it is a celebration of collaboration, creativity, and shared passion. As the gallery continues to push the boundaries of innovation, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for artists and art enthusiasts alike, both in Dubai and beyond.

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