Artbooth Gallery Unveils ‘A Real Bad Dream’ Exhibition in Abu Dhabi: The TheatricalSurrealism of Oussama Diab and Wadeei Khaled’s Homage to Homeland

Artbooth Gallery Unveils ‘A Real Bad Dream’ Exhibition in Abu Dhabi: The TheatricalSurrealism of Oussama Diab and Wadeei Khaled’s Homage to Homeland

May 1, 2024

Opening on May 2, 2024, in Abu Dhabi, this exhibition, featuring stirring works of Oussama Diab and Wadeei Khaled, merges surrealism with themes of displacement, resilience, and the enduring spirit of homeland. A must-visit for art enthusiasts and collectors keen on witnessing the power of art in capturing historical and emotional realities.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – In a celebration of art that rises above boundaries, Artbooth Gallery is delighted to present “A Real Bad Dream,” an evocative exhibition that weaves the poignant tales of displacement and resilience through the eyes of artists Oussama Diab and Wadeei Khaled. The exhibition runs from May 2 to May 27, 2024, at the Artbooth gallery’s space, located on the ground floor of Centro Capital Centre by Rotana, ADNEC area, Abu Dhabi.

Oussama Diab, a Palestinian-Syrian Dutch artist, alongside Wadeei Khaled, a visionary hailing from Palestine, delves into a narrative journey that marries their personal experiences with the tumultuous history of their homelands. Through “A Real Bad Dream,” viewers are invited to explore the delicate terrain of individual and collective memories, manifested in the rich variety of Diab and Khaled’s artworks.

The Theatrical and Surreal World of Oussama Diab: Diab’s art reflects his strong spirit and the resilience of people. Born in Syria and later living in Lebanon before seeking refuge to Holland, his art is full of rich, colourful stories. Each painting shows a surreal scene about life’s challenges and beauty. His artistry is a reflection of a world where surrealism blends with the harsh realities of life.

From Clear Figures to Abstract Realities: Diab’s evolution as an artist is marked by a shift from the clarity of human figures to the abstraction of human existence. The transition signals a deeper contemplation on the state of humanity amidst global turmoil. His earlier works, defined by the clarity of human forms, symbolised his belief in the triumph of humanity. However, as the world’s tumultuous events unfolded, particularly in Gaza, Diab’s art reflected a more complex reality – one where the outlines of humanity are blurred, and its victories are uncertain. His latest works delve into abstraction, capturing the essence of human beings in nature and life, striving to move forward amidst chaos.

Merging Art Schools in a Single Canvas: In his exploration of the human condition, Diab skillfully blends various art schools – from figurative cubism to abstraction – into a cohesive narrative. Each painting is a world unto itself, where different schools of art come together to depict the resilience of the human spirit. Diab’s unique blend of acrylic and charcoal adds depth and vibrancy to his works, making each canvas a profound reflection on the global stage.

All the paintings are a theatre for Diab, where in he archives everything that’s happening in the world through his paintings.

A Homage to Homeland and Endurance: Khaled’s artworks stand as a tribute to the resilience of those who stay connected to their roots despite facing adversity. Inspired by the resilient landscapes of Palestine, the writings of Ghassan Kanafani, and other Arab Resistance literature, Khaled’s paintings are profound meditations on belonging, identity, and the indomitable spirit to endure. His connection to his homeland permeates through his art, offering a poignant exploration of the persistence and resilience inherent in the human spirit.

“A Real Bad Dream” is envisaged as a dialogue – not only between the artists and the audience but also between the dreams of individuals and the stark realities of conflict zones. This exhibition, curated by Artbooth Gallery, seeks to forge connections, evoke empathy, and foster a deeper understanding of the human condition through the universal language of art.

Roger Khoury, the founder of Artbooth Gallery expresses the gallery’s enthusiasm for the exhibition: “The works of Diab and Khaled are not merely artistic expressions but are narratives that bridge the gap between viewers and the complex emotions of those experiencing displacement and resilience. ‘A Real Bad Dream’ invites you to witness the power of art in conveying the profound stories of struggle and hope.”

Join Artbooth Gallery for an immersive journey into the surreal and theatrical world of Oussama Diab and Wadeei Khaled, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of art that delves into the heart of artistic struggle and the indomitable spirit of the human will.

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